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Our calendar of events is included in each RTIG Newsletter, which is circulated monthly, You do not have to be a member to receive this: if you would like to be added to the list, please subscribe.

Forthcoming events (RTIG's own, or others with whom we have links) are listed in the events pages of this webpage. Please let us know if there is an event you think we should be involved in.

Following an event we make the slides, and for new events any recordings made, available for members who were unable to attend to be able to find out what was presented. If you are already a member please login and see the page Workshop Presentations in the members area. If you would like to be a member then you can find out more on the Become a Member page.

Seat Booking for Buses

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    Bus with reserved written over it and event details

As buses become busier the need the confidence you can get on a bus means some passengers may want to book a seat, and a bus operators needs to understand the demand for journeys to know where to direct resources.

Could being able to book a journey or seat on a bus be one way of solving this double problem.

We are used to being able to book a seat when we make a long distance train or coach journey but not when we make a short bus journey.

What are the options and potential opportunities for the bus industry ?

Data Standards Webinar Series: 1 Introduction and Transmodal

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    Standards clip board

We are starting a series of webinars at the end of August on data standards.

Data standards are becoming a hot topic in the UK with the introduction of the Bus Open Data System. For the first time in a while some are having to remember what public transport data is all about whilst others are having to find out about them for the first time.

These sessions will run every couple of weeks and cover a different standard each time, the first will provide some background on Transmodel and UK applications.


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    PTIC Logo

Public Transport Information Coordination Group, helping understand data standards and their application in the UK.

This is the next meeting of the PTIC group. 

The papers and notes of previous meetings will be available here:

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