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NaPTAN Working Group

As you may have heard, the Department for Transport is redeveloping the NaPTAN (and NPTG) service. We have conducted some initial research and concluded that it needs to be more reliable and adaptable so it can continue to be useful, now and into the future. Due to the age and design of the system, incremental improvements are not practical, so we are planning to completely rebuild the service.


TfN innovation procurement and technical demonstration activity

Transport for the North is developing a new way forward for smart travel and want to engage with transport, ticketing and payment suppliers, as well as other tech experts, innovators, SMEs and start-ups.

We want to conduct market engagement and need your feedback and insight ahead of our upcoming innovation procurement and technical demonstration activity. Join our Zoom webinar to hear more about:

BODS TransXChange Profile v1 release

Version 1 of the BODS Public Transport Information Profile for TransXChange has been released.

There is no meaningful difference to the previous version that was circulated at the end of April. 
The only change is the removal of draft and uprating within the document to version 1. This has been done because of concerns that it should not be developed against because it was ‘draft’.

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RTIG is a trade body for public transport technology stakeholders.

Our members are local authorities, bus operators, system suppliers and consultants.

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