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TxC-PTI Profile v1.1.A Published

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The latest TransXChange v2.4 Public Transport Information profile has been released.

The current version is now 1.1.A, updated from v 1.1 on 5 July 2021.
Version 1.1.A is the version that the Bus Open Data Service will be using.

The v1.1.A is an update to v1.1, the changes largely being updates to fix implementation issues and inclusion of information on the BODS validator.

A track changes version and slide deck of the differences is available on the PTIC website:

Introducing the Changes to SIRI in v2.1

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SIRI v2.0 has been around since 2013. A lot has changed in the world of public transport technology in the subsequent 8 years.

To ensure that the SIRI standard meets current and foreseeable future requirements and known problems with the schema are fixed an update to the standard has been being worked on by the CEN SIRI working group for the last couple of years.

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