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Data Standards Webinar Series

We are starting a series of webinars at the end of August on data standards.

These sessions will run every couple of weeks and cover a different standard each time, the first will provide some background on Transmodel and UK applications.

They will only be short with content being 35-40 minutes to allow plenty of time for questions and discussion to take the overall time to an hour.

Following the first session we will have ones on:

Updated: Bus Open Data Dates and Formats

The statutory instrument for the Bus Open Data programme was recently formally made on 16th July and is now law.

Following the formal making we have updated it to reflect the latest understanding of requirements.

It covers a load of dates and data formats so we've produced a quick summary for you. 

Webinar - Data Management for post COVID service restoration

As bus services restart following the COVID minimal service offering providing information to the customer on the changes is important.

Managing rapidly changing service offers poses particular problems for transport information providers such as local authorities and system suppliers.

This webinar will explore the data needed and constraints that exist to ensure a better cross industry understanding with the aim of improving cross working to ensure that the customer receives the information they need to be able to know when public transport is operating.

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