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DfT announces £15m funding for councils to repair and upgrade traffic signals

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For those who are not normally involved in wider ITS initiatives we thought we should make you aware of this funding opportunity that your traffic signal colleagues have.

Traffic signal priority will be an important part of many of your bus partnerships and bus service improvement plans.

It would be an ideal opportunity, as part of the maintenance and upgrade work that this funding will enable, to make sure that as many of the traffic signals in your area are bus priority ready. 

Traffic Light Priority Trigger Position File Format

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    traffic lights with bus only sign

The report from the Traffic Light Priority Trigger Position File working group has now been published.

Existing work from RTIG: specifically, the documents T008 andT031, provide the specification and methodology for the transmission of data from public service vehicles, such as buses and trams, to traffic signals. These provide technical frameworks to provide priority for public transport vehicles at signalised junctions in an interoperable manner.

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