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    Bus stop in crawley with flag and electronic display

We are running with the DfT another series of workshops to explore different aspects of bus stops and data as part of the re-development work taking place on NaPTAN systems.


What would a Responsible/Agent model mean for Local Authority Users?

19th May, 14:00

We are starting to explore the services around NaPTAN. Following the well trodden path of the Bus Open Data Service and other gov services we are looking at using the ‘Responsible’ and ‘Agent’ model for permissions.

We want to understand your view of what a Responsible person should be, what information they would need and what questions DfT should expect them to be able to answer about NaPTAN.

We want to understand if there are an indirect users of NaPTAN who DfT should also be in contact with (such as Managers or policy decision makers within the Local Authorities).

This session will be focused on the NaPTAN data producer community.


Archived/Deleted – how do we deal with “unwanted” stops?

9th June, 14:00
Let’s talk about the stops that are unwanted and how do we remove them.

  • What does a deleted stop mean?
  • Are Archived stops the ones that never existed or can never exist?
  • Can any stop be resurrected?

We want to really understand all the differences on the end of life of bus stops – and what do you wish you could do in your software with them?


Names – How do we name a stop?

8th July, 14:00

It sounds so simple – giving a stop a name.

  • How do we do it?
  • What fields do we use to ensure we know this is the “right” High Street stop?

We want to understand how stop name fields are used, and how that can change across the country.


Putting a stop on a map!

15th July, 14:00

It always sounds so easy – put the stop on the map.

  • Which map should we use?
  • How should we know where “here” is?
  • How precise should we be?
  • How precise can you be?

We want to look at how we map stops, and some of the ways you’re handling particular situations across the country so we can have an understanding of the best way to make this happen.


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Our members are local authorities, bus operators, system suppliers and consultants.

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