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Analyse Bus Open Data (ABOD) is an extension service to the Bus Open Data Service (BODS), that provides free-to-access reporting and analytics to operators and authorities nationally.

The service is available now, providing a dashboard overview, feed monitoring, and on-time performance analyses.  Further features will also be added later in the year to provide geography-based views of network performance, along with other insights.

Analyse Bus Open Data is part of the Department for Transport’s ongoing investment in bus services, and supports the National Bus Strategy, by helping government, local authorities, and bus operators to:

  • perform existing bus data analysis in faster and easier ways
  • produce more accurate and detailed performance analysis reports
  • improve on collaboration between different organisations
  • identify network improvement opportunities
  • inform transport policy and compliance monitoring across the industry

RTIG is supporting the Department for Transport by promoting the service to ensure operators and authorities know about the service and how they can use it.

We have been holding a series of webinars, together with DfT’s technical supplier Ito World, to demonstrate ABOD features and help users understand how to maximise its potential. 

Operators and authorities who have not yet received an invitation to get access to ABOD can request this  by emailing


In August 2022 we will be holding workshops that will explore some items currently on the development road map and seek to identify what new features and functions local authorities would like to see in ABODS.

There will one focused on Authority requirements on 22nd August 14:00 - 16:00

There will one focused on Operator requirements on 25th August 14:00 - 16:00




Recordings of the previous events are available:

Analyse Bus Open Data – Introduction to the DfT’s new tool for authorities and operators in England

Analyse Bus Open Data – On-Time Performance module Q&A

Analyse Bus Open Data – New enhanced data analyses Q&A

New users training workshop

Bus Service Improvement Plans: How to use Analyse Bus Open Data to support them
Authorities must introduce Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs) this autumn, as part of the National Bus Strategy. Using authorities' most common BSIP metrics, we will show you how to use ABOD to analyse and monitor these going forward.

Analyse Bus Open Data New Features: Corridor and route segment analysis
Corridor and route segment analysis is being introduced in ABOD this autumn. This will help you identify pinch points in your network, spot opportunities to improve bus on time performance, and deliver a better service for passengers. In this webinar we will show you how to create and monitor corridors and route segments in ABOD.

Analyse Bus Open Data New Features: Excess Wait Time

The provision of turn-up-and-go frequencies where passengers don’t need to rely on a timetable is one of the central aims of the National Bus Strategy.

This webinar introduces excess waiting time as a metric for measuring the performance of frequent services and the impact on passengers due to inconsistent headways and buses which fail to run.

ABOD identifies services with periods of frequent running (i.e. 6 or more buses per hour) and shows how excess waiting time varies for a service over the analysed timeframe. This will help local authorities understand frequent service provision and the wait times experienced by passengers.



RTIG is a trade body for public transport technology stakeholders.

Our members are local authorities, bus operators, system suppliers and consultants.

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