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NeTEx Fares Profile Consultation

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    bus ticket validator, bus ticket and bus

The use of NeTEx for fares & tickets is a relatively recent introduction to the industry. The UK NeTEx profile is highly flexible and allows for a multitude of potential ways to express the data. In order to simplify this and bring greater consistency to published fares data, BODS are implementing a BODS NeTEx profile for both simple and complex fares. 

Future BODS & ABODS Requirements

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    Bus arriving at a bus stop and shelter with a queue of people

The Department for Transport are exploring what the bus industries requirements and expectations are for the Bus Open Data Service, now and in the future.

We want to work with local authorities, suppliers and operators to identify what you would want to see BODS & ABODS able to do to help you achieve your objectives and goals. As part of this work, we are holding a series of online workshops.

During the workshop we will explore: