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We run working groups to develop and maintain public transport data standards, these range from traffic light priority communications to shelter fixings for displays.

Our groups work on a consensual basis to agree what should be included and standardised and which areas are best left for commercial differentiation. These groups are a good way to get involved in RTIG and to work with others who have similar interests. You do not need to be an expert in anything, these groups are an opportunity learn as we as help shape a standard.   

To find out how to get involved please get in touch, or see the documents sections for information on our existing standards work.


We are active in the development of international standards through the CEN Intelligent Transport Systems working group. 

We provide the convenor for the CEN TC278 WG3 SG1 group developing standards for On Board Data Bus Transmission. We are active in the other groups developing standards in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe.

We provide the link to the group that looks after the development and support for the formal SIRI standard, available as BS EN 15531 in the UK.


We work with ATCO and Traveline to run the Public Transport Information Coordination Group PTIC Logo and strapline (PTIC) which coordinates UK activities related to the compilation and presentation of public transport information, whether to the public or for operational purposes.