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Guidelines for the management of NaPTAN data with particular reference to RTI systems

This document is the result of the group’s wish to compile a NaPTAN best practice guide for local authority NaPTAN practitioners, which will enable them to make sure their teams (including a NaPTAN manager) are fully aware of the importance of NaPTAN and the correct procedures necessary for accurate data and, ultimately, accurate RTI.

On-vehicle systems architecture

RTI equipment is equipped to over 50% of all buses in the UK fleet. In many cases, fitting equipment and cabling can prove to be a time consuming and expensive endeavour. This document provides cabling and connection details for bus builders that will allow bus operators to select and fit RTI equipment in a relatively short time-frame, as well as feeling confident that any equipment that they wish to install will have the appropriate cabling and connectors.

Communications Briefing Paper: Bluetooth

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group was formed in September 1998 by Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba, 3Com, Lucent, Microsoft and Motorola and is a trade association comprised of telecommunications, computing, automotive, industrial automation and network industries that is driving the development of Bluetooth wireless technology, a low cost short-range wireless specification for connecting mobile devices and bringing them to market.

Project Management of the Implementation of an RTI System

This document offers best practise guidance on the successful project management of an RTI implementation project, in particular from a local authority or bus operator project officer perspective. It has been produced with input and comment from the three principal types of members within RTIG, namely:

  • local authorities and public transport executives;
  • bus operators;
  • RTI system suppliers.

It has also incorporated information captured during DfT’s Transport Direct programme which helped fund 19 RTI systems across England.

RTI for the Public: a position paper

This document represents a Position Paper for the UK Real Time Information Group (RTIG) on the means by which bus Real Time Information (RTI) might be delivered to the public. Its objective is to help produce a common direction on RTI delivery issues for those involved in the implementation of RTI across the UK, in order to inform the development and implementation of projects over the next 5-10 years. The linking of RTI services with other transport and travel services will be developed in a separate paper.

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