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Our calendar of events is included in each RTIG Newsletter, which is circulated monthly, You do not have to be a member to receive this: if you would like to be added to the list, please subscribe.

Forthcoming events (RTIG's own, or others with whom we have links) are listed in the events pages of this webpage. Please let us know if there is an event you think we should be involved in.

Following an event we make the slides, and for new events any recordings made, available for members who were unable to attend to be able to find out what was presented. If you are already a member please login and see the page Workshop Presentations in the members area. If you would like to be a member then you can find out more on the Become a Member page.

Some recent webinars are available to non-members, these are available from our  channel.

Integrated Information for Bus Service Improvement Plans

Your BSIP has been submitted, there is no time to relax though. It will have made commitments about customer information, many include integrating information between modes. How are you going to achieve these commitments?

How can I include rail information on street and on-bus?

Bus Service Improvement Plans: How to use Analyse Bus Open Data to support

Analyse Bus Open Data (ABOD) is a new extension service to the Bus Open Data Service (BODS), that provides free-to-access reporting and analytics to operators and authorities nationally.

BODS GTFS & GTFS-RT Data: How to get the most out of it

Data supplied to BODS is being converted to GTFS and GTFS-RT format, to help consumers use it easily.

In this webinar, we will show you how to access the GTFS and GTFS-RT data in BODS, and explain the enhancements we have made to increase its readability.

Introducing the Changes to SIRI in v2.1

SIRI v2.0 has been around since 2013. A lot has changed in the world of public transport technology in the subsequent 8 years.

Bus Priority at Traffic Lights

The recent English bus strategy, Bus Back Better, puts significant focus on authorities to provide bus priority along congested roads and at signalised junctions.

How Traffic Lights Work

The recent English bus strategy, Bus Back Better, puts significant focus on authorities to provide bus priority along congested roads and at signalised junctions.

Achieving Commercial Benefit from Passenger Counting

Soon after the start of the COVID - 19 pandemic last year we held two webinars on how to count passengers and present the information on vehicle occupancy to customers.

National Bus Strategy Support

With the recent launch of the National Bus Strategy for England there is a lot to achieve in a short space of time no matter the role you play in the industry. Everyone from bus operators, authorities, suppliers and consultants have their part to play in achieving success.

2021 AGM
Traffic Light Priority Trigger Position Standard

RTIG is a trade body for public transport technology stakeholders.

Our members are local authorities, bus operators, system suppliers and consultants.

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