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Forthcoming events (RTIG's own, or others with whom we have links) are listed in the events pages of this webpage. Please let us know if there is an event you think we should be involved in.

Following an event we make the slides, and for new events any recordings made, available for members who were unable to attend to be able to find out what was presented. If you are already a member please login and see the page Workshop Presentations in the members area. If you would like to be a member then you can find out more on the Become a Member page.

Some recent webinars are available to non-members, these are available from our  channel.

Sharing Disruption Information

Passengers expect more information about disruptions and the impact on their journey than ever before.

Using BODS Data to create real time information

With the introduction of the Bus Open Data Service from the DfT it is easier than ever to access public transport data. How can timetable and location data be used to create real time information for customers?

Bus Priority at Traffic Lights

The recent English bus strategy, Bus Back Better, puts significant focus on authorities to provide bus priority along congested roads and at signalised junctions.

Introduction to MQTT - The Technology Behind The New Display Interface

The new Content Management System to Passenger Information Display standard that RTIG has developed uses something called MQTT.

What is MQTT and how is it used?

Avoiding Low Bridge Strikes

Public transport vehicles hitting low bridges continues to be a problem and can be very costly - both in economic and human terms.

Innovation in Displays

For our return to face-to-face events we explored the latest innovations in display technology.

2022 AGM
Passenger Counting Report

Passenger counting technology has developed significantly over recent years - with a much wider range of technologies used. Greater accuracy and implementation is now standard in some countries, though within the UK there are still few implementations on-bus.

Planning Public Transport Networks

As the pandemic rumbles on operators and authorities need to decide what a post covid, green, transport network should look like.

Ensuring the public transport network meets the needs of passengers will be a key component in recovering from Covid and of bus service improvement plans.

Integrated Information for Bus Service Improvement Plans

Your BSIP has been submitted, there is no time to relax though. It will have made commitments about customer information, many include integrating information between modes. How are you going to achieve these commitments?

How can I include rail information on street and on-bus?


RTIG is a trade body for public transport technology stakeholders.

Our members are local authorities, bus operators, system suppliers and consultants.

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