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Low Bridge Strike Paper

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    Low Bridge

This paper brings together the findings of an RTIG research project carried out in 2021 into Low Bridge strikes.

This has been a problem for high-sided vehicles such as HGVs and buses for a long time and can be very costly - both in economic and human terms.

There was a focus on HGV bridge strikes around 2010-2012 arising from the huge damage being done to the rail network. Similarly, bus operators have understandably been focussing on the issue in light of the spate of very serious bus bridge strikes in 2020.

Accuracy and Quality of Real Time Predictions Report

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    Diagram of a Time bucket

The report from the Accuracy and Quality of Real Time Predictions working group has now been published.

The report provides guidance on how to measure the quality and accuracy of real time information in the form of predictions that are provided to the customer. It also provides recommendations for the presentation of predicted information to the customer.

It is available for Foundation and Full members when logged in to the website, and available for Associate and non-members for a fee.

Providing Vehicle Occupancy Data - Data Interfaces

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    Providing Vehicle Occupancy Data - Data Interfaces report screen shot

There is a lot of interest in vehicle loading and capacity so we have put together a short paper on the data exchange formats that exist now to enable you to provide vehicle occupancy data.

We are releasing this as a public document, for free, rather than just to members because of the interest in this topic in the wider transport community as we try to support the rebuilding of confidence in public transport following the COVID pandemic.

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